Why Was Hello again created?

My name is LaDominique McFarland. I am the founder of Hello Again. Hello Again was born in September 2016 after the tragic lost of our sons during the summer of 2016 in Myrtle Beach SC due to a riptide current. It was our oldest son's birthday. This organization was birthed out of pain, but has found purpose in helping other parents and families that have lost children to find hope, a reason to live, and say Hello Again to life!

In Loving Memory...

Mikease McFarland, 17

Hello Again

Mikease was a very laid back type of fella. He was so sweet to be around, truly a gentle giant. I called him and still call him my gentleman because he always watched over me. He still does. He just sits in a higher seat doing so now. Mikease was truly a quiet strength. He had the best laugh in the world! He also loved cheeseburgers and hot wings with his famous had to have ranch dressing with everything! Mikease was a lover of music! It was his life and passion, if you never saw him play the drums you missed out tremendously. He could play the quads like nobody's business! His dream was to teach music. He had the pleasure of mentoring younger children during the early summer of 2016. That was where he found his sweet spot. It is such a pleasure being one of the parents of this spectacular young man on earth and now in heaven!


Miyon McFarland, 12

Miyon was a very inquisitive little guy. I called him our "Lil Big Man".  If you knew him then this statement is self explanatory! If you didn't, it simply means he was short in stature, but he had a big personality! Miyon didn't meet a stranger. To know him was to love him. He truly had a way with the crowd. Miyon was simply captivating. "Poetry in motion," I'd say. He loved fried chicken! Miyon was a lover of sports. Basketball was his favorite and his number was 3. He was a super fan of Stephan Curry. His dream was to be a guard in the NBA. Miyon may not get to play in the NBA here on earth, but he is for sure on an All Star team in Heaven making all of his shots every single time. Nothing but Net!!

Hello Again Grief Support Group

The McFarland Family

Hello Again support group for parents who have lost children
Hello Again Support Group for parents who have lost children